Dedicated department course wise email IDs, concerned Teachers and Dealing Hands with their contact details for OBE 2021 (07th June 2021 - till end of exam 21) for technical support and guidance.
Students are advised to follow the University exam timings and upload their answer script on the University portal. In case of any problem  you may send your answer script on the College ID  with all supportive evedence. Still, if there is any problem, you may contact the following teachers/staffs  for downloading question paper and uploading answer sheets. 
S.N Course Email ID Concerned Teachers Contact No. Concerned Dealing Hands
1 B.A (Prog) & GE (Eng; Maths; Pol.Sc.; Sanskrit) Dr. M.S. Vats (Convenor BA Prog) 8860068133

Sh. Rajender Singh Bist-9968720455;

Sh. Azad Singh- 9654189333

Ms. N. Victoria Chanu (Eng) 9891979365
Dr. Tamal Das Gupta (Eng) 9999292586
Dr. Monika (EVS) 9811588626
Dr. Kumar Manish (EVS) 8860562331
Dr. Jiterder Nagar (EVS) 9810086649
Dr. Sarla Bhardwaj (Maths) 9810428322
Dr. Rajesh Upaddhyay (Pol. Sc.) 9868538954
Dr. Nalin Kumar (Pol. Sc.) 9891463008
Dr. Sunita Sharma (Sanskrit) 9210006051
Dr. Dharamveer Singh (Urdu) 9958166795
2 B.COM Dr. Sujit Kumar   Sh. Mahesh Kumar -9818904880
3 B.COM (H); Com (GE); Com (SEC) Dr. Poonam Mittal  

Sh. Satbir - 9812500534,


4 BA (H) Appl. Psy.; Psy (GE); Psy (SEC) Dr. Indiwar Misra 9811387420
Mr. Ravi Shanker Ravi 9868632057
5 BA (H) Busi. Eco. /BBE; Busi. Eco (GE) Dr. Lalit Kumar 9811197931 Sh. Vijender Singh - 9911758060
Dr. Rakesh Shahani 9868026279
6 BA (H) Eco; Eco (GE); Eco (SEC) Dr. Sonia Aggarwal 9873452134
Dr. Narender Thakur 9013715891
7 BA (H) Hist; Hist (GE); Hist (SEC) Dr. Sanjay Sharma 9810575333
8 BA (H) Hindi; Hindi (GE); Hindi (SEC); Hindi (AECC) Dr. Dhananjay Kumar 9650881793; 9968456688
9 BA (H) HJMC; HJMC (GE); HJMC (SEC) Dr. Kusum Nehra 9868068787 Sh. Azad Singh- 9654189333
10 BA (H) Geo; Geo (SEC); Geo (GE) Ms. Kanika 9873645895 Sh. Ravinder Singh-9868789411
Dr. Ramashray Prasad 8076889854
11 BA (H) SW; SW (GE) Dr. Avtar Singh 9650733567 Mrs. Shobha Sharma - 9650215888
Dr. V.P. Singh 9868031260
Nodel Officer & College Exam Committee - Convenor (Sh. Purshottam, 9910056690,;; Co-Convenor (Dr. Arvind Yadav, 9810714856,; Advisor (Dr. M.S. Vats, 8860068133, Dealing Hands are required to check their respective email IDs & take action accordingly without loss of any time. These Teachers are requested to work in coordination for the smooth conduct of  the University Exams (Ref. No./Dean(Exams.)/2021/534 Dt. 21.05.2021) as already requested vide college letter no. 1202 Dt. 11/12 March 2020