Library Membership: The membership of the College Library is open for all the bonafide students, teachers and non-teaching staff of the College. The Library card is non-transferable.

Library Timings: The College Library is open five days a week (Monday to Friday). Timings are 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Gazetted holidays.

Lending services 9.30 AM to 4.00 PM.

While entering the Library, the user has to show his/her valid Identity Card/Library card at the Entrance Gate and also has to sign on a Register kept there in token of agreement to conform to the Rules and Regulations of the Library. Private books and personal belongings are not allowed inside the Library. The students may keep their bags and belongings (except valuable items such as money, passport, credit/debit cards/mobile phones, laptops etc.) at the Property Counter outside the Library and get a token issued from there, which has to be surrendered to the Property Counter staff at the time of leaving the Library for getting back the belongings deposited there. In the event of loss of the token, the user has to pay a fine of Rs. 50/-.

Issue System: A user has to present College Identity Card cum Library Card for the issuance of the desired book on loan. The period of loan is 15 days. The number of books issued to different category of members are as under :-

Member Category

No. of Books

Pass Course


Honours Course


Non-Teaching Staff


Permanent Teachers


Ad-hoc Teachers


Conditions of Borrowing of Books: At the time of issuance of a book before leaving the counter, the user must satisfy himself / herself that the book issued to him/her is in sound condition. If the book is damaged or torn out, the user should bring the same to the notice of the counter staff for getting another copy of the book, if available. At the time of return of the book, if any damage or injury to the book is noticed, the member shall be deemed responsible for the same and will be required to replace the book either of the same edition or the recent edition to the Library or he/she has to pay an amount equivalent to the current price of the lost book plus processing / binding charges.

Loss of Books: The user is responsible for the safe custody of all the books issued to him/her. In the event of loss of a book, the student is required to replace the book either of the same edition or the recent edition to the Library or he/she has to pay an amount equivalent to the current price of the lost book with processing/binding charges.

Loss of Library Membership card / Identity Card: A student who loses or damages his/her Identity card shall make a written report to the Office of the College and she/he will be issued a duplicate Identity Card after paying admissible fine. Member shall be held responsible for any misuse of lost or damaged Identity Card.

Reference Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Journals, Previous Year Question Papers, Syllabus, and other reference materials kept in the College Library will not be issued to anyone under any circumstances. However, the user is allowed to consult them inside the College Library.

Overdue Fine: All the books issued on loan have to be returned by the users on or before the Due Date stamped on the Date Slip of the book. In case of late returning of the book, an Overdue Fine @ Rs. 1/- per day per book will be levied on the user.

OPAC: OPAC (On-line Public Access Catalogue) is the tool for searching the collection of the Library. This provides facility to search and check the availability of the document/(s) of your choice in the library. The documents could be searched by a number of access points viz. Title, Author, Subject, Publisher, Keywords, etc. These access points could be used individually or in conjunction with each other using Boolean operators AND / OR for searching the documents.

Atmosphere of Study: As the Library is a place for individual study, it is necessary to maintain quiet, calm and dignified atmosphere inside it in order to let all the users study without causing disturbance of any sort to the fellow users. Talking and discussion inside the Library are strictly prohibited. System for Feed-Back: Feed-back register has been placed in the college library wherein the users can give their feed-back and suggestions.

All the suggestions are discussed and analysed by the Library Committee in its meetings held at regular intervals for further development/improvement