Social Work
Dr. Sangeeta Sharma Dhaor, TIC

Social work is a professional course introduced by University of Delhi in 1995, our college being the first to initiate this course. Social work education is comprised of class room teaching and field work practicum. Class room teaching is directed towards familiarizing students with principles and skills required for social work intervention and developing students’ personality through inculcation of democratic and humanitarian values. Field work practicum involves organisational as well as community based practice whereby students learn to work with welfare, development and empowered oriented programmes. This course is designed to provide young students with in-depth understanding of emerging societal concerns, issues of vulnerable groups, appropriate programme planning and implementations. After completion of this course, social work students would have job opportunities both in government and nongovernment sectors in varied settings like schools, hospitals, corporate, legal system like family courts &Crime Against Women cell. Students can choose to make his/her career in family and child welfare, education, health care, youth welfare, rural and urban development, environment and research. This is an ideal course for those who 20 wish to take up challenges to improve the lives of marginalized sections of the society by responding to their needs of human rights & social justice and become part of development process.

Social Work

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Social Work Department Faculty

Faculty Name Resume
Dr. Ravindra Singh
Dr. Bishnu Mohan Dash (EOL/lien)
Dr. Tushti Bhardwaj
Dr. Mohd. Shahid (L)
Dr. Atul Pratap Singh
Dr. Sangeeta Dhaor
Dr. Richa Chowdhary
Dr. Avtar Singh